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This site gives you a brief insight of my passion for wildlife, which is expressed in my work.
I have been travelling through the southern parts of Africa for nearly 20 years now, and I have become an addict to nature, wildlife and photography.

A bird, an ant or the big cats – each creature has its own magic. It is a huge opportunity for me to discover them in their own habitat. If you suddenly spot a leopard or lion, time stands still. I am amazed by nature’s perfect design, everything has its purpose, nothing is there without a reason. Chasing the moment.

Come along and explore the wilderness with me!


For me wildlife photography is a challenge as well as an absolut passion.
It is completely unpredictable, nothing happens twice. Through my lens I am able to frame the essence of what happens around me, once I am in the wilderness.
It is impossible to set out for a game drive with an image in your mind. The disparity between the planned and the unpredictable is an exercise – especially for a control freak like me.